Specialized on supply chain finance, Primelink integrates advanced science and technology and innovatively applies the science and technology into industry scenarios, uses technologies to link finance and industry, provides a package of supply chain finance integrated solutions for both industry and finance, realizes positive development of trinity of “finance + technology + industry”, creates values for multiple parties, and supports development of the real economy.

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Product Services

Link Sheet Business

It is based on distributed accounting and intelligent contract management of block chain and takes the certificate of creditor's right as the carrier to realize credit transfer of core enterprises; it guarantees that the transactions are real, tamper-proof and detachable by use of the block chain technology, provides credit support for upstream chain small- and medium-sized enterprises of core enterprises, and assists in financing of small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Risk Control Decision-making System

It makes use of technologies such as big data and cloud computing to integrate public big data and industry big data. It further masters the operating rules of industry scenarios, business scenarios, and transaction scenarios, and carries out data management and application from the perspective of finance, and applies the data into financial risk control decision supports in scenarios including credit granting decision, credit using decision, quota control, and post-loan management.

Factoring Financing

Small- and medium-sized customers can apply to factoring companies for factoring financing services based on their core enterprise receivables. Primelink supports online processing of the factoring business to achieve online approval, contract signing, granting loans, repayment, management and other functions.

Movable Property Financing

EBON’s self-developed collateral management system can cooperate with a third-party warehousing company and interconnect to the WMS system to achieve real-time control of collateral admittance, warehouse-in, and warehouse-out, as well as the functions including collateral valuation, warehouse patrol, inventory counting, and disposal. This will serve the system of financing customers and financial institutions for providing online movable property financing, so as to ensure that the mortgage of movable properties is real, valid, and controllable..

Purchase Financing

For the downstream dealers of core enterprises, provide pure credit supply chain financing products based on the real purchase orders of the dealers with the core enterprises. Based on the industry experience in supply chain management and its big data application capability, it can satisfy dealers’ short , adaptable and fast fund demand in the commodity procurement segment.

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